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About me

I am not only a TCSOL & EDI certified Chinese (Mandarin) teacher to teach speakers of other languages but also a PMI certified Project Management Professional who have been working in IT industry for more than 10 years.

I majored in EE so my first job is an engineer, then I was promoted to be a project manager because of my communication, integration, organization, and coordination abilities. Given the choice between engineer or project manager, some people may prefer to be an engineer due to the simple life style. However, I prefer to be a project manager for several reasons.

First, I like to deal with human beings more than machines, devices, boards, and fixtures. I like to communicate with people and try to solve their problems rather than debugging and reworking hardware or software.

Second, the technologies are changing and improving so fast and never stop. So it's pretty tough for engineers to keep up with the latest trend.

Third, I enjoy sharing knowledge with others. There are more chances to do that after I became a project manager. For example, in each project kick off meeting, I would share with my team members about market information and why did I plan specific feature or function.

Why will a project manager want to teach Chinese?

Several years ago, I had a chance to develop a pocket Chinese tutor which could teach useful daily Mandarin conversation by interactive interface. I visited many professors and customers then I found that Chinese is becoming more and more important. So I thought maybe I could leverage my native language and many good project manager characteristics to teach my foreign friends. I did it and I was so excited and touched when my first student said "Thank you" in Mandarin wholeheartedly to me. Then I started this interesting part time job.

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